The term porting refers to the act of changing a software application so that it can be adapted for use in a different hardware environment. Used in the sense of mobile app porting, this means that the software applications (also called apps) that your developer designed for use in one mobile hardware device should be amended so that the apps can be useful in other mobile hardware devices. One reason that an app owner will resort to mobile app porting is because it is cheaper than building a new mobile device app from ground zero. Numeroeins is one company that can do mobile app porting for you.

One reason mobile app porting can be realized is because the different computing environments are standardized already – one common standard that mobile app environments could adhere to is the ISO system. However, it is important that each mobile app is adjusted for use on the target platform if there are some subtle differences with the source platform. For this reason, you will need a skilled and experienced mobile app developer to help amend your app so that it will run on the target platform. Because of this, the developer will have to use special tools that will make porting easier, including the GNU Compiler Collection and the Autotools.