sex shop I just have a few questions about binding, not how to bind, but how common is it.
I have two friends, both female, and I don't believe they've ever had any gender identity issues.
I seen it happen many timesI think it GREAT that so many Edenites are at least somewhat politically engaged.

I GenX, and when I was 19, almost nobody I knew even bothered to vote.
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adult store Guys really want to be listened to and adored without all the nagging and fighting and responsibility that comes with it.

The guys who just wanted to talk or lightly touch loved to fall asleep with me in their arms.
But i know people who like hip hop, for the sake of being "in" with the group.
This is wrong. Friends should be able to adjust and accept and adapt to differences within each group..
Anyway. At first I was very cautious about who knew but now I think near everyone I know knows and, again, doesn't care.
I'm very open about it.
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